Digital Banks & Physical Banks > DigiCal Banks……More

DigiCal Consultancy Services provides consultancy services and innovative fintech solutions to existing banks (physical banks) and new digital banks across various business areas including Retail Banking, SME Banking, Corporate Banking and Wealth Management. 

DigiCal Bank is a bank where both the Physical Bank and the Digital Bank co-exist to provide both an online as well as an offline customer experience.

1 thought on “Digital Banks & Physical Banks > DigiCal Banks……More

  1. Hi,

    Globally, Digital Banking is becoming the new mantra. Existing Banks (Physical Banks) are planning to launch Digital Banks in a co-existence model (or DigiCal Bank), while FinTechs and TechFins are launching new Digital Banks for their customer bases.

    Would be keen to hear comments on how Digital Bank and DigiCal Bank models are evolving in your region.

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